Educational and Cultural Offerings

Educational offerings for students

Virtual guided tours

For school and university groups
The purpose of these tours is to bring elementary, middle school, high school and university students closer to the contents of the exhibitions presented in the museum's galleries. They are in charge of the educators.

Guided tours, talks and/or virtual workshops given by professionals and/or experts

For school and university groups
They are conducted by professionals from different areas, with the aim that participants deepen their learning about the contents exhibited in the galleries. Please request in advance.

Didactic Marimba Concerts

These concerts are held in February and September for the Day of the Marimba as a native instrument and National Instrument Day. Interested groups can book an educational program.

Didactic Talks on the Marimba

They cover the theories of the origin, anatomy and evolution of the marimba. They are offered to school groups by reservation.

MUSAC Visits your school

We offer talks to schools on the theories of the origin, anatomy and evolution of the marimba. They are offered to school groups by reservation.

Student counseling

For school and university groups
Whatsapp: 5307-9272

Advice to school groups on tasks that require research on topics related to the Museum, Cultural Heritage and History of the University.

Educational offerings for teachers

Lecture/workshop: "The school visit to the museum"

For teachers and teaching staff
Its purpose is to induce them to plan their visits to the Museum, select the exhibition to visit and establish the objectives to be achieved with their students.

Museum Induction Course

The purpose of this course is to inform about the importance of museums as a didactic resource and to inform about the services provided by MUSAC on an annual basis. They have priority when making reservations for the current year's activities and are given a certificate of participation.

Workshops for teachers

The purpose of these workshops is to support teachers in their training on cultural heritage. They can be given occasionally at the request of the teaching staff, and a certificate of participation is issued.

Didactic guides

Publications with the thematic content of each of the Museum's permanent and temporary exhibits; they are provided to teachers who visit the Museum with their students.

Cultural offerings

Forums and conferences

As part of the activities integrated to the exhibitions or on the occasion of commemorative dates of the history of our country.

Workshops for initiation in a trade or productive activity

We teach the technique, procedure, use of tools and materials to elaborate products that generate a source of income for the participants.

Monthly Cultural Program

It presents a varied program, which includes seasonal activities, allusive to an important date or celebration in the month.

the Monthly Cultural Program

Stay up to date with all the events and exhibitions of the MUSAC.