About the Museum

Our Mission

“We are a service entity, which contributes to the dissemination of culture and scientific knowledge through permanent, temporary, traveling exhibitions and educational-cultural activities, which strengthen in the community the bonds of identity, fraternity, solidarity and respect for nature. At the same time, it preserves the material goods of the past and present, with the commitment to preserve them for future generations.”

Our Vision

“To be an extension unit with intercultural, museological and participatory vocation; that research, disseminates, exhibits, educates and promotes values for peaceful coexistence, respect for the environment and sustainable improvement of the community. Thus, contributing to the development of Guatemalan society.

With innovative and dynamic programs, with didactic purposes, it allows the encounter between generators of cultural goods and spectators, achieving the participation of the visitor to appreciate and value the qualities, technological, historical and aesthetic of own and foreign cultures”.


General objective

Promote the identity and safeguarding of the University Heritage, becoming a service center that acquires, preserves, researches and disseminates culture, art, science and technology, through exhibitions, educational and recreational activities, providing the University Community and the people of Guatemala the benefits of a museology that invites the participation of the visiting public.

Specific objectives

  • Safeguard the cultural assets of San Carlos University of Guatemala, whether historical, scientific or artistic, through the preservation, conservation and restoration of the Museum’s collections.
  • Identify, catalog and inventory the movable property that the University owns in the different academic and administrative units.
  • Provide the university community and the Guatemalan people with the benefits of a modern museology through permanent, temporary, traveling and mobile exhibitions.
  • Promote scientific research projecting its dissemination in exhibitions, academic activities and publications by the means that your organization allows.
  • Promote the diffusion of university work, achieving a dynamic participation through an educational program that contributes to the non-formal training of the university community and the people in general, through activities with diverse cultural, artistic and scientific themes.
  • Value the National Monument, as the former university building, designated as its headquarters, due to its importance and significance within the university and country’s history as the most important property of the Tricentennial University, preserving it for future generations.
  • Cooperate closely with universities, institutes, archives, museums, scientific and cultural associations, and other related national and international institutions, for the promotion of culture, art and science of our country and other cultures.
  • Generate alternative financing funds, managing them through the self-financing budget, which are used to achieve programs and projects.

Organizational structure

Within its organizational structure, the museum is supported by the following functional areas: Coordination, a technical area composed of curatorship, research, conservation, education and guidance; the administrative area made up of assistance, treasury and store, and the services area made up of surveillance and services.

Organigrama del MUSAC

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